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We offer all landscape works under the supervision of qualified team. Do you want to design your yard, office, garden, terrace or to enrich your interior with plants? We offer complete solutions.

We have complete systems for:

Preparing the ground
Fertile ground laying
Drainage systems
Carpet grass
Retaining walls, plateaus, paths, tartan, pergolas, flower pots, benches and other auxiliary elements
Planting seedlings of all sizes (up to 8 m in height), domestic and imported planting material
Seasonal flowers


KOTA S landscaping studio Different types of projects depending on the level of detail, the purpose and need. Planing, specification of planting materials, design, test results documentation, certificates intended for equipment and materials, and more. 

Our official license SERBIAN ENGINEER CHAMBER, 373: see the PDF version here.
Our official license SERBIAN ENGINEER CHAMBER, 474: see the PDF version here.


Landscape engineer visiting the greenery and checks the condition of plants and lawns and take the necessary measures of care according to the needs greenery.

Moving and removal of cut grass
Selective herbicides treatment against broadleaf weeds
Improving water-air soil with aeration
Supplemental feeding for you lawn with fertilizers
Spraying against ticks
Pruning and fertilizing shrubs
Preventive treatment for all plants against phytopathological and entomological damage
Collecting leaves from the lawn
Preparing the lawn for winter
Prepare other plants for the winter period (vertical lacing, etc.)
Shaking the snow from the plants


Estimation of the damage, the value of green areas or plants separately, by the permanent court expert in the field of forestry, specialty forestry and landscape architecture.

Registered court expert, Ministry of justice, Decision No.: 740-05-00895/2010-03
The register of court experts on the Ministry of Justice can be found here:  www.mpravde.gov.rs


Expert consulting by visiting the area, assessment of the state of greenery and conditions of micro location, advice on the organization of space, planting, irrigation system, etc. For any doubt you can get information and get expert advice from us.


Summer garden arrangement on sale: "Make your garden beautiful" starting at 7300 RSD! 

What we do:

The selection, purchase, transportation and planting of seasonal flowers
Mowing, aeration and overseeding lawns
Weeding, hoeing and fertilizing land
Pruning shrubs, hedges and perennials
Hygienic sanitary measures on adult trees
Preventive entomological and phytopathological treatment against attacks


Fastest purchase, transportation and planting of plants for your space and forming the pitch