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Our team of landscape architecture engineers and professional gardeners will help you transform any open space into a green oasis to fit your needs, in accordance with nature, sustainability, modern or rustic design.

We are qualified in the preparation of all project documentation, maintenance of already existing green spaces, court expertise, assessment and other professional activities for which we own licenses of official institutions.

Professional landscape

KOTA S has successfully collaborated with many companies and some of the projects were for clients such as: Delta Automoto, Petrokor doo, Belgrade Waterfront, British Motors, Mace, Valjevo Tourism Organization, BMW, Mini, Swisslion, Comtrade, Belville, City of Belgrade, City of Valjevo, City of Donji Milanovac, City of Tutin, City of Pozarevac…

Control and revision of project documentation is also one of the topics for which you can call us. We are specialized for making tender documentation and we can also help you in participation in tenders as a cooperant. If you already have an organized landscaping project, you can call us for professional supervision during construction and maintenance.

You can call us for expert consultation. This consultation are highly recommended not only as the first step towards the realization of your plan, but they can greatly make the realization easier and show how to set a project in the right way, in accordance with civil regulations and nature.

Call us and make the first step to complement your green space.


KOTA S landscape architecture studio pays special attention to the development of technical documentation for projects. The technical documentation also contains specific details related to the construction or reparation and recultivation of your green area such as bioecological basis – plan, specification of planting material, design solutions, documents with results of the performed research, attestations for the provided equipment and materials and more.

For many years of successful business with clients from Serbia and the region, it has resulted in many quality and representative green spaces. Here you can find only selected images of our portfolio, while you can see the entire gallery in the projects section.



In addition to the entire project of greening and realization, we also offer the possibility of maintaining green areas and plants in the interior and exterior under the supervision of a licensed


We give a complete offer of all landscape work under the supervision of a licensed expert. Want to arrange your yard, business space, garden, patio or to enrich your interior with plants? We offer complete solutions from seedlings procurement, transportation, land preparation, planting and maintenance.



Expert consultations include assessment of the condition of the greenery, as well as advice on:

Space organizations,  planting, transplanting, drainage, irrigation system, agrotechnical measures on plants and soil

For any doubts you can get information and get expert advice from us.


KOTA S Landscape Architecture Studio has a qualified professional staff registered with the Ministry of Justice to provide expertise in landscape architecture and horticulture, assessment and evaluation.

In our team we have members who have undergone training in the management of playgrounds and operational inspection of playgrounds in accordance with the latest Children’s Playground Safety Regulations, and are able to provide and certify services.

Enjoy the greenery of your surrounding


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